Buzz KushRoos company produces, transports and sells variety of research chemicals, Medical marijuana, pain killer, pain med. We are a EU based company, offering top quality services in the industry.

Why us? It’s easy:

High quality of products.
Purity of all the substances is at least 99% giving guarantee of non-presence of any extraneous impurity.

Professional shipping to almost any spot of the world.
We control or guide you (if needed) during each step of shipping from safe packing and shipping company choice till customs issues on your end.

Competitive prices.
Our prices are among the lowest on the market, nothing else to say.

Wide geography.
Our company runs manufacture and warehouse in US and EU, as well as office and warehouse in EU, this gives us ability to maneuver providing you solutions which suit your unique situation best.

Top notch customer support.
You can contact us with any of your needs or special requests getting prompt and professional reply within one day max. Be sure- our highly experienced staff will provide you high quality support and resolve any problem which might occur.

100% legit.

Our Head Quarter office :  P.O. Box 942873.Sacramento, CA 94273-0001. District 1 1656 Union Street